Moody Skies and Delta Landscapes

About The Artist

Welcome To My Studio


I'm a self-taught artist, with a focus on oil paintings of delta landscapes and moody skies.  Although I have no formal art training, I have drawn since childhood.  I started painting a few years ago, and quickly discovered my passion.

I have tried to step outside my comfort zone during the past year by entering some exhibitions and art shows.  I have two paintings on permanent display at the Delta Cultural Center in Helena, Arkansas.

My Process


I use several mediums, such as oil on canvas, oil on paper, and acrylic on canvas.  My favorite is definitely oil on canvas.  I enjoy the blendability of oil paints, especially for my moody landscapes.  All paintings are done 100% by hand, with many being sketched onto the canvas before painting.  All custom work, using a photo reference, is drawn first using the grid method for scale and accuracy.  

My Inspiration


I reside in the south, so I am endlessly inspired by the delta landscapes and wetlands.  I reference photos from vacations and road trips for many of my paintings, while others stem from my imagination or simply looking out of a window.


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